Jumper T-PRO OpenTX Transmitter with Jumper R1 V2 Mini Receiver

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Jumper T-PRO OpenTX Transmitter with Jumper R1 V2 Mini Receiver

Transmitter Features:
– CC2500 version supports commonly used protocols such as for Frsky, S-FHSS, Hitec, Radiolink, and Esky
– Firmware for OpenTX
– Hall sensor gimbals
– ELRS Nano / TBS CRSF Nano compatible module bay on rear side
– USB-C internal charging
– Up to 16 channels of output (depending on receiver)
– Wide voltage input
– Vibration reminder function
– Support telemetry (depending on receiver)
– Support for LUA Script: Yes

Receiver Features:
Binding is the process of uniquely associating receiver to a transmitter/transmitter RF module . A transmitter internal or external RF module can be bound to multiple receivers (not to be used simultaneously).A receiver can only be bound to one RF module.Follow the steps below to finish the binding procedure.
– Put the transmitter/transmitter RF module into binding mode
– Connect battery to the receiver while holding the F/S button (hold for more than 6 seconds) on the receiver to enter the binding mode (red and green LEDs constant on). Press “bind” on the transmitter, the RED LED flashing indicates binding successfully. Reboot the receiver and go back to normal Mode of transmitter RF. Green LED constant on indicates linking normally

Jumper T-Pro Transmitter Specifications:
– Working voltage: DC 6V-8.4V
– Firmware: for OpenTX
– Display: 1.3″ LCD display, 128*64 resolution
– Gimbal Type: HALL Sensor
– Upgrade method: USB online upgrade
– Simulator mode: 3.5mm standard ppm output or USB
– External Micro SD Card: reserved SD card slot

Jumper R1 V2 Mini Receiver Specifications:
Brand Name: Jumper
Model: R1 V2 Mini
Dimension: 17.2*8.8*4.5mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 1.5g
Number of Channels: 16Ch
Operating Voltage Range: 3.5V-6V
Operating Current: 60mA@5V
Operating Range: Full range
Distance: >2KM
Compatibility: Frsky radios in D16 mode


Package Included:
1 x Jumper T-PRO Remote Controller
1 x T-Pro External Module Slot Adapter for ELRS
1 x Sticker set
1 x R1 V2 Mini RC Receiver
2 x Manual

– The remote controller is powered by 2pcs 18650 batteries which are not included.
– Zipper case is not included