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  • 20W Mini Hot Glue Gun

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    20W Mini Hot Glue Gun Tips: 1.To prevent from scalding, please do not touch the solution of the glue that out from the gun. 2.In order to do your job smoothly, please preheat the glue gun for about 3-5 minutes( the warm-up time) before using. Note:The glue stick cannot be taken down once be used. …

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  • 7mm Thin Hot Glue Sticks 6pcs Technical Details: Manufacturer: GLUN Brand: GLUN Model Number: GLUE-7MM-25STK Material: Plastic Size: 7MM – 6 STICKS Package: 6pcs 7mm Thin Hot Glue Sticks

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  • Araldite Standard Epoxy Adhesive

    60.00 ৳ 

    Araldite Standard Epoxy Adhesive 13 G Multipurpose, bonds anything to anything like metals ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, rubber etc. Ideal for industrial & Household usage. Features : Use as soon as possible Contents : 13 gm total  7g resin 6g hardener Condition : Brand New This clear adhesive is great for craft, household, workshop, industry …

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  • Self Adhesive Velcro Tape Sticker hook and loop adhesive sticker Magic Tap Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Fastener Nylon Sticker Disks Tape Adhesive with Glue 16mm x 1 Feet Material: Polyester / Nylon Hook Type: Self Adhesive Hook and loop Length: 1 Feet Width: 16mm width Features: one side is Hook, the other side is …

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  • Double Sided Foam Tape 10mm/20mm

    40.00 ৳ 60.00 ৳ 

    Double Sided Foam Tape 10mm/20mm There are many reasons that speak for the use of Double Sided Foam Tape. The freedom of design and the clean working method are just two examples. However, the true advantages of these tapes become particularly clear if you compare the double-sided adhesive tapes with other mounting methods. Specification: Width: …

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  • Fiberglass Tape 50mm x 25m

    699.00 ৳ 

    Fiberglass Tape 48mm x 25m Name: pure transparent mesh fiber tape Specifications: a variety of specifications Thickness: 0.15mm Width: 48mm Length: 25M Color: transparent Features: plastic fiber reinforced back material, high tensile strength, high viscosity, durable country good, easy to break, the packaging effect is perfect and easy to loose, with a high degree of …

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  • DETAI 242 Blue Thread Locking Glue Item description: pure extension 242 thread locking glue Specification: 10g with bottle, Color: blue Origin: DETAI Features: removable Shelf life: two years Play a model aircraft essential Packet content: 1 x glue screw

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  • Hot Glue Stick

    14.00 ৳ 

    Hot Glue Gun Sticks, 11mm. Standard clear multi temp, all-purpose adhesive bonds many plastics, wood products, fabric, leather, foam, PVC, polycarbonate, paper, ribbon and aluminum. Low temp gun to bond more delicate materials such as foam, fabric or florals. High temp gun to bond less porous materials such as wood, glass and metal. 11 mm …

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  • 60W Hot Glue Gun

    199.00 ৳ 

    Feature: Hot Melt Glue Gun. Great for artificial flowers, craft projects, furniture and wood working. Power: 60W. Voltage: 100-240V. Frequency: 50-60Hz For bonding jobs: Toys and Models Artificial Flowers Decorations Furniture Woodworking Cardboard and much more Package Included: 1 x Hot Glue Gun 1 x Hot Glue Stand Quick reminders: -Always make sure to clean …

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