Jumper T-Lite V2 2.4GHz 16CH Built-in ELRS Transmitter

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Jumper T-Lite V2 2.4GHz Built-in ELRS Transmitter 16CH Hall Sensor Gimbals 150mW Built-in ELRS Remote Controller RC Radio Transmitter for RC Drone Airplane.


Brand: JumperRC

Model: T-Lite V2 Remote Controller

Version: Built-in ELRS

Size: 166*106*56mm

Weight: 203g

Voltage: DC3.5-4.2V

Battery: 1×18650 (Battery not included)

Channel: 16ch

SD Card Support: External SD card slot

RF Output Power: 25mW/50mW/100mW/150mW

Packet Refresh Rate: 25Hz/50Hz/100Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz

RF Output Power: 0dBm – 22dBm

Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM

Link Range: >5KM



* Built-in ELRS Version.

* Upgrade Power supply.

* Screen: 1.3″ 128*64.

* High quality full-size adjustable hall sensor gimbals.

* Internal Multi-protocol module.

* Full power external ELRS/TBS module support.

* USB-C internal charging.

* Single 18650 battery power supply – easily swappable. (Note: Button top 18650 won’t fit T-Lite V2)

* Voice and Vibration function.

* Support Full Power Jumper AION ExpressLRS External Module.


T-Lite V2 Upgraded:

* Built-in ELRS Version.

* JP4IN1 Version (Optional).

* Upgraded Power Supply.

* Upgraded gimbal, smoother and feel better.

* Support full power Jumper AION ExpressLRS External module.


Package Included:

1 x Jumper T-Lite V2 Remote Controller ELRS