1800W DC-DC Boost Converter

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1800W DC-DC Boost Converter Adjustable Module DC 10V-60V to 12V-90V

Product description:
The module output voltage, current adjustable, can boost, constant current
Input adjustable undervoltage protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection.
1800W is designed for lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, solar cells, or power boosters to boost electric vehicles and charge batteries. It is very powerful.
1. For example, the original battery of an electric vehicle is 48V and can be boosted to 60V to power the electric vehicle, which can increase the speed and acceleration of the electric vehicle.
2, for your electric bike charging, (A: For example, there is a 12V or 24 idle battery on hand, you can use this boost power supply to boost the original battery after charging, equivalent to an electric car charging treasure. 2: Simultaneous input Can also be connected to solar cells, wind power, generators and other power boosted to the original battery to increase the electric vehicle’s battery life.)
3 The battery voltage can be increased to allow the electric vehicle to run faster, and the meter should not exceed 10V.
4 Solar panel boost voltage regulation.

1. With airfoil-type heat dissipation, the heat dissipation effect is very good, and the output power is even greater (the power of the 48V input and fan can reach around 1800W).
2. Temperature-controlled fans, with hydraulic bearing fans, have a very good balance between noise and heat dissipation. When the load is light, the fan does not rotate. After the temperature of the load reaches approximately 60 degrees, the fan automatically turns. Can effectively reduce noise and extend life.
3. The main power tube insulation board is made of high-grade alumina, and the thermal conductivity is 10 times that of ordinary insulation mats.
4. The 100V 210A TO-247 large package power tube has large power margin and good dynamic response.
5. Double large-size ferro-silica-aluminum magnetic rings, using four 1.2-pure copper enameled wires, with low heat generation and high efficiency.
6. With a new design, the conversion efficiency is as high as 98.1% (see the datasheet efficiency conversion curve below for details).
7. Brand 3296W multi-turn potentiometer, high adjustment accuracy, small drift.
8. Kang copper output current sampling, constant temperature and stable temperature drift small.
9. Undervoltage protection is adjustable, which can effectively protect a variety of batteries, and can also be used for solar cells.
10. With constant current function, it can be used for boosting the battery car, charging the battery and so on.
11. The input of 3 20A fuses in parallel can protect the risk of accidental short circuit in the output.
12. Three indicator lights: Undervoltage, overcurrent, power indication, working status at a glance.
13. The input and output are all high-frequency capacitors, low output ripple, low heat generation, and long life.
14. The MLCC ceramic capacitor is added to the input and output, and the output ripple is significantly reduced, which is about 100mV at 48V to 72V 4A.

Work Features:
Output power: 1800W
Input voltage range: 10V-60V
Output voltage range: 12V-90V
Input current: 40A
Output current: 22A
Dynamic response speed: load current change 5% (300us)
Conversion efficiency: 48V to 60V 8A (98.1%)
48V to 72V 8A (98.1%)
48V to 84V 8A (97.6%)
Load regulation: 10% to 50% load ((72V output))
Temperature coefficient: 50% load
Ripple & Noise: 20MHz Bandwidth (48V-72V 4A) 100mVp-p
Switching frequency: VIN=48V VO=72V 4A (110khz)
No-load current: VIN=48V VO=72V (18mA)
Output short circuit protection: YES
Input reverse protection: YES
Storage humidity: 95%
Working temperature: -20 65°C
Storage temperature: -40 125°C
Temperature rise during work: 48V to 60V 5A (45°C)
Over temperature protection: (60°C)
Wiring method: IN input, OUT output (No welding, terminal blocks)
Cooling method: Strong wind cooling
Appearance size: 130 (L) * 51 (W) * 80(H) ( with copper pillars) mm

Package Contents:
1800W DC-DC Boost Converter Step Up Power Supply Module Constant Current

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