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Radiolink AT10 2.4G 10CH Transmitter With R10D Receiver

Brand Name: RadioLink
Color: Classical grey
Item Name: AT10 Transmitter with Receiver

Specification Of the AT10 Transmitter:
Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band(2400MHz to 2485MHz)
Modulation Mode: QPSK
Channel Bandwidth: 5.0MHz
Spread Spectrum: DSSS,FHSS
Adjacent Channel Rejection: >38dBM
Transmitter Power: <100mW(PCB testing),<20dBm(3 meter air testing)
Operating Current: <95mA
Operating Voltage: 8.6~15V
Control Distance: 800 meters ground, 2 K.M. open air
Channel: 10 Channel
Simulator Mode: Under the simulator model the transmitter action turn off, change to power saving model
Screen: 16m colorful screen
Size: 78 x 52mm, 320*480 pixel
Compatible Model: Include all 120 degree and 90 degree swashplate helicopter,all fix wing and glider, five flying model.
Weight 0.95kg
Specification of R10D Receiver:
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Channel: 10CH,support SBUS and PWM signal output
Working Voltage: 4.8-10V
Working Current: 38-45mA
Dimension: 50×31.5×14.5mm
Weight: 14g
Two signal working mode of R10D: Red LED always, SBUS and PWM signal working at the same time, 10 channels totally.
(1) PWM signal output: PWM signal output from row 1 to row 10(CH1 to CH10).
(2) SBUS signal output : row eleven support SBUS signal output.

How to match code with transmitter:
1. Place the transmitter and the receiver close to each other within 1 meters.
2. Turn on the transmitter, then power on the R10D.
3. Connect CH3 of R10D to ESC.
4. There is a black button on the R10DS, use a thin stick press the button twice in two seconds and release, receiver light start blinking, after about 8 times blinking, match code success when receiver signal LED always on.
Upgraded version of Radiolink AT10,with DSSS and FHSS dual signal
Higher accuracy of anti-interference and transmitter control bars than AT10.
Support English & Chinese Menu
Multiple function remote control system
Including helicopter,airplane and slider three type flying machine and five models,cover almost every popular model,you can fly any model by this radio.
3.5 inch colorful screen 320×480 resolution,clear display menu and graphs.
Fast response time only 3ms to the operation,faster then the other transmitter 20ms,even ten channels also let you feel it.
High channel resolution reaches 4096,0.25us per resolution let all the servos keep tranquil.
Strong anti-jumping,DSSS(Direct sequence spread spectrum) technology.
Receiver integrate telemetry sensor including signal strength and voltage.
Support extended engine voltage telemetry module PRM-01 can feedback GPS info, Speed, voltage etc. on AT10II display when work with flight controller APM or PIX.

Package included:
1 x Radiolink AT10 10 Channel transmitter
1 x R10D Receiver
1 x PRM-01 module
1 x Manual CD


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