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The Naze 32 Rev 6 board has made some nice layout revisions such as finnaly having the USB board mounted on t he side for easy access on your miniquad al last!

Whats new in Revision 6?
USB port has been moved to the right of the board so you dont need to mount the board sideways anymore!
IMU sensors upgraded to MPU 6500 (Rev 5 uses older MPU 6050)
Receiver connectors are no longer solder pads but common pin hole headers style. This means that you no longer need to directly solder your receiver wires to the flight controller. Also older revisions had issues of pads delaminating when board got too hot.
Fully pin compatible with Rev 5 boards for accesories such as OSD.
Integrated SBUS inverter, now you can connect your FRsky SBUS receivers directly with no extra inverter!
Dedicated Spectrum Satellite port.
Additional Flash memory so you can use blackbox recording directly. With the Acro version you get 2Mb (16Mbit) and the Full version you get 16Mb (128Mbit). To learn more check our guide on Naze 32 versions.
Naze 32 Revision 6 Pinout

Package Including:
1 pcs Naze32 REV6 flight controller
1 pcs plastic shell
1 set pins and cables ( unsoldered )